Lubid Wallet Made of Buri Rope Fiber with Zipper

Regular price ₱48.00

This Lubid Wallet is made of tangled Buri fiber ropes (taling lubid) that has been creatively turned into fashionable wallets or mini purse that fits right in your pocket.
- Mini size, compact, and handy; with zipper and a strap handle for secured grip tangled on your wrist. Perfect for organizing your cash and coins without being too bulk in your bags or in your a.
- 100% ECO-Friendly ???
- Suitable as a gift for Christmas or in all occasions, for pasalubongs, company give-aways, tokens for guest etc. ?
- With personalized touch made of our fellow Filipino indigenous people all woven by hand. Support & Buy LOCAL! !❤

Materials: Buri fiber ropes (w/zipper)
Color: Mahogany Brown
Product size: 13 cm x 8 cm