Kalinong - Elegantly Handcrafted Hanging Seashell Chandelier

Regular price ₱520.00

Beautifully handcrafted chandelier made of fine-selected seashells that gives you the tranquilizing vibe of the oceans by the sound it creates when blown by the windy breeze; having a calming effect of becoming connected with nature. - Native, stylish, and classic yet minimalist in design. - Suitable to hang for spacious areas like sea cabins, the living room, beach bar, resort hotels, native huts and cottages. You may also make this attach with vintage bulbs/lighting as a chandelier. (Recommended to look for a professional electrician to install lighting). - 100% locally made and environment friendly! (Buy local! Support local!) - Choose from the different designs in the pics then PM us with the photo of your chosen design. SAVE THE TURTLES! HELP THE LOCALS AND FOR THEIR FAMILY! Product Size : 50 cm x 20 cm Weight: .1.2 kgs. All Native | All Natural | All Authentic