Colored Buri Mini Pouch Bag with Zipper and Handle Strap for Women and Kids

Regular price ₱48.00

Get classy with this authentic Filipino native Buri mini Pouch Bag in a Millennial-inspired color design that makes you keep-up with the latest fashion trend using native products that is delicately made by hand.

- Compact and Handy with zipper and a strap handle for secured grip tangled on your wrist. Perfect for everyday use to put inside your personal stuff when you are always on the go, for mobile phones, lipstick, lip gloss, cards, etc. Also, you can use this a money/coin purse.
- 100% ECO-Friendly ?
- Suitable as a gift for Christmas or in all occasions, company give-aways, and tokens for guest etc. ?
- With personalized touch made of our fellow Filipino indigenous people all woven by hand. Support LOCAL! ❤

Materials: Colored Native Buri leaves (w/zipper)
Product size: 16 cm x 11 cm