Maayad-ayad nga adlaw! Good day!

Thank you for visiting our website. 

oneAklan is an eCommerce Social Enterprise. We house products of 100% Aklanon MSMEs as our way of empowering them to be available on the digital market. 

When you purchase a product from this website, you support an Aklanon MSME. The temporary closure of Boracay island for rehabilitation in 2018, followed by the pandemic that hit us in 2020, has truly affected the livelihoods of our local businessmen. But as we all know, Filipinos, especially Aklanons who have the Hala Bira attitude, are very resilient. 

This is our way of helping the community by making sure that their products are available to the rest of the world and are not limited by any closures or lockdowns. 

Hope you find something you like!